How much suede is too much suede? #ootd
could you check out my blog please? and also what are your favourite tumblr blogs? :)xx
- sawuuh

Sure! And my favourites are just the ones I reblog from a lot x


Thierry Mugler’s Paris Apartment
“I don’t want real possessions. What I need and what I wanted in this apartment was its space - and to keep it as empty as possible.”

'Bubblegum' Beauty Daily August Shot By Romain Duquesne
Do you have any helpful tips for someone looking to start a fashion blog? Like how to get the ball rolling and such? :)
- Anonymous

Have a nice clean layout, reasonably good quality photos (you don’t necessarily need a fancy camera, just make sure they’re clean and large enough on your page!), and make sure you’re using social media (especially Instagram and Twitter - joining in with blogger chats on Twitter can help, here are the times of the various chats throughout the week). I think for most people, success is dependant on a mixture of good content and engaging with other bloggers and readers. If you never comment on other blogs, people won’t comment yours. If you can find a bit of a niche that will help too, fashion blogging is a very over saturated market now! x 

Cake date with @kirstylf - the aptly named ‘Oreo Messing with the Size of This Cake’ @homesweethomemcr 🎂

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